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Top Questions About Substance Abuse And Treatments

Substance abuse is a condition that most people will have to deal with at some point in their lives.  This will either be due to their own issues with substances or because of the actions of another person.  For those who are dealing with substance abuse the typical cause is from their need to escape reality.  This can be from a physical pain, mental anguish or something that they feel that they can’t handle on their own.  For these people, substance abuse treatment saint johns professionals should be seriously considered.

substance abuse treatment saint johns

Can I do it alone?

Doing it along is not really an option.  True, some people feel that they don’t need help or can afford help.  When they try to do it alone they don’t have any accountability or anyone that they can disappoint.  Since they have a mental belief that they are not worthy, then they don’t need anyone to help them.

Don’t try to do it alone.  Get help.  Find someone either a friend, support group or a doctor.  These people might charge you for your time but if you are serious about getting clean this payment is a commitment to that endeavor.

What if you relapse?

It is okay if you relapse.  Of course, this is not really desirable, but it has been known to be done.  If you relapse don’t knock yourself for it.  You want to understand the reason for your relapse and address it.  When we learn how to address these issues and find ways to deal with them without taking substances, then we are building ourselves up to be better people who will have a less likelihood of relapsing.

When should I get help?


You don’t want to put off getting help.  When you put off getting help you are more likely not to get help.  Don’t give yourself any excuses.  Pull off the band aid and move forward.