Train Strike >>

Unfortunately a strike is affecting the trains between Copenhagen Airport and Malmö central station. Strikes are rather unusual in Sweden, and we hope that it will be over soon, but as a precaution we want to inform you about the proceedings if the strike is still in affect when you arrive at Copenhagen Airport.

To get from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö C you will need to take a replacement bus that runs between Copenhagen Airport and Malmö Hyllie. Hyllie is the first station in Sweden and from Malmö Hyllie there are trains running regularly, e.g. into Malmö Central. These trains are called “Pågatåg”.

The replacement bus from Copenhagen Airport to Hyllie runs every '06, '26 and '46 minutes. The first bus runs from the airport at 4:56 and the last at 0.26. During peak hours (between 6:54 AM to 8.14 AM and 3:14 PM to 6.14 PM) the busses will also depart every '14, '34 and 54 minutes.

Our experience is that the replacement buses work rather well.

In case of doubt, please ask for further directions at the DSB train station in the airport arrival hall.

We as conference organizers can only apologize for this inconvenience that of course is beyond our control.

Program now available >>

The program includes all of the abstracts for both the oral presentations and the posters, along with some practical information on the conference venue, the organisers and the sponsors. The schedule for the conference has also had some minor changes during the last days. These changes are included in the conference program and the schedule on the homepage will be updated at the same time as the program is uploaded. 

General information >>

We want to remind you to book a hotel for the conference. A list of hotels can be found here. All hotels are within 10 min walking from the Malmö central station and participants to the Urban Tree Diversity conference are entitled to discount prices at all hotels. 

During the Urban Tree Diversity conference we will have shuttle buses between Malmö central station and the Alnarp campus, free of charge. The buses will stop outside Carlsgatan 14 B (se marked area on the attached map) and depart at 07.30 am on Monday and 08.00 am on Tuesday. The excursions on Wednesday will depart at 09.00 am from the same place. 

We have also made an arrangement with the public transportation in Malmö which entitles you to travel for free within Malmö and between Malmö and Alnarp during the conference days (16-18th of June). Please note that the public transportation bus voucher will be distributed at the Alnarp campus on Monday morning. If you plan to use the public transportation already on Monday morning you will need to collect a bus voucher at Hotell Renaissance (Mäster Johansgatan 15, SE-
211 21 Malmö). The vouchers are available from Sunday afternoon and during the whole conference. 

Public bus number 133 departs from Malmö central station at XX:20 and XX:50 mornings and afternoon and offers a direct link to the Alnarp campus. Busses are marked “133 Lomma” and the ride takes 15-17 minutes. Just disembark at “Alnarp Kungsgårdsvägen”. Please note that the bus does not accept cash payment, but only VISA and MasterCard. (That’s partly why we have arranged for bus vouchers for all conference participants. 

For a map of the buses, please click here.

Conference dinners 
On Monday evening we invite you all to a dinner at the City Hall in Malmö. This venue is located just a couple of minutes from the station and we will provide you with a map when you arrive at the conference on Monday morning. On Tuesday evening there are no activities scheduled, so you’ll be able to explore the restaurants and pubs in Malmö. We have made a list with some of the many good restaurants and bars that are available in Malmö; just click here


Registration closed! >>

Registration is now closed.

E-mail problems >>

I want to inform you that there recently have been large disturbances with the e-mail system at the University. As a result many e-mails have not reached I can only apologize for this inconvenience and urge you to re-send e-mail that I have not responded to. To be sure that the e-mail reaches me, please send a copy of the e-mail to my private e-mail Again, my deepest apologize for this inconvenience – technology has not been on our side.


Free public transportation during the Urban Tree Diversity conference! >>

During the Urban Tree Diversity conference we will have scuttle busses between Malmö central station and the Alnarp campus, free of charge. We have also made arrangement with the public transportation in Malmö and you can thereby travel for free within Malmö and between Malmö and Alnarp during the conference days (16-18th of June).

Great for the environment and for your convenience!

Monday’s conference dinner >>

On Monday evening a conference dinner will be held in the City Hall in Malmö (partly sponsored by the City of Malmö). The dinner is included in the conference registration fee and we are proud to present the following menu:

  • Starter: Traditional herring starter
  • Main: Herb-roasted fillet of venison with juniper sauce, raw preserved cranberries and potato, with wild garlic tart
  • Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake or Cloudberry parfait

A picture of the City Hall main dining hall can be found via:

See you at the Urban tree Diversity conference!

The registration is now open! >>

The registration for the Urban Tree Diversity conference is now open! Please be advised that there are a limited number or seats available and therefore we recommend you to register as soon as possible.

The registration will be open until May 15th.

The keynote speakers are now confirmed! >>

The keynote speakers are now confirmed!

We are very proud to present our six keynote speakers that will present during the Urban Tree Diversity conference! The speakers represent some of the key persons in urban forestry and we will be adding more information about their work and presentations during the Urban Tree Diversity conference soon.

Matthew Wells Urban Forester City of Santa Monica (previously NYC Parks)

Prof. Dr Jason Grabosky, Rutgers University, USA

Prof. Dr Nina Bassuk, Cornell University, USA

Prof. Dr. Ingo Kowarik, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Dr Leong Chee Chiew, deputy CEO and Commissioner for Parks and Recreation, Singapore National Parks Board

Dr Nina-Marie Lister, associate professor, Ryerson University and Harvard Graduate School of Design

PhD-course, June 12-15! >>

All doctoral students face the challenge of putting their own research in relation to the contemporary research community. How does the research add to the existing knowledge? We wanted to use the opportunity when many excellent lecturers and doctoral students were gathered at the same time. That’s why we decided to arrange a course as a pre-conference event. Welcome to the course Contemporary Research in Urban Forestry!

Sign up is now closed.

Schedule for the whole conference will be available during week 10! >>

We thank the around 100 persons who have submitted their abstracts to the Urban Tree Diversity conference. We are happy to announce that the scientific committee now have selected the abstracts that will be presented orally. As soon as the speakers have given their approval we will upload the full program. This will be done during week 10. 

Structural Soils for Establishment of Urban Trees >>

We are happy to announce that our neighbouring university in Copenhagen will arrange a one day conference on Structural Soil on Thursday the 19th of June. The conference will have a follow-up meeting on Friday the 20th for invited speakers and researchers to discuss a joint research program. More information on the conference can be found via:

To sign up, please click here.